Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death Rain


  Death Rain

She came into the basement to tell me you were gone.
Flesh tube exploded, flooding the cerebral plain.
You shouted once, arms held out in pain,
Fell back upon the pillows never to move again.

Death comes. This nobody can deny.
My mother, father, uncles, aunts are no more.
The death rain fell upon them
And now they are dead and gone.

Everyone wants to live forever,
But this nature cannot sustain.
Everybody’s cotton candy
Waiting for the death rain.

She came into the basement and told me you were gone.
She was weeping,
Mouth full of mucous, face full of death rain.
She sat down beside me but I had nothing to say.
What use words, what use feelings,
When it comes to the death rain?