Tuesday, September 13, 2011


South all day. Evening north.

Flapping the greenhouse plastic,

Rattling the stovepipe chimney.

Whining. Howling. Scouring the ditches.

Braiding grass into sea witch hair.

Whipping trees, threatening to snap green bones.

I sit by the fire, drinking tea, reading Ovid.

Gruesome murders, sexual betrayal, bloody vengeance.

Almost as bad as the news.

A gust seizes the cabin’s shoulders, shakes it with a savage fury;

Death moans behind the woodshed.

Ghosts clank bones beneath the window.

Bang. Clatter. Creak. Lurch.

Things about to come apart at the seams.

Ovid takes no notice.

Other than a slight grimace at the sweep of Augustus’s shadow,

He is imperturbable.

Polished, succinct, elegant, he sails fluidly on.